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Get To Know: Bad News Books

Get To Know: Bad News Books


We sat down with Harry Culy of Bad News Books and asked him about some of his favourite things. 

Tell us about your publishing platform.

Bad News Books was started in 2013 by Harry Culy and Lucy Aitchison. We collaborate with artists and photographer in New Zealand and Australia and across Asia pacific area to produce small run artist books that might not fit into traditional publishing models  

What are you reading?

I am reading a kiwi classic ‘The Bone People’ by Keri Hulme, which I have been really enjoying even though it’s pretty dark in places. 

What are you watching?

I have been watching lots of horror, sci fi and post-apocalyptic movies during the lockdown. Anything from 28 days later, Atlantics, Climax, Killing of a sacred deer, Rosemary’s Baby, Nosferato the Vampire, Crimson Peak, Stalker, and for a bit of light relief a great comedy TV show called Pen15. 

What are you listening to?

A big mixed up bag; Lots of DJ Screw, Elliott Smith, Grimes, Jenny Lewis, a great Australian band called Low Life (futuristic thug punk), lots of UK grime/ drill (Skepta’s new album), Grieslda Ghost to name a few. 

Favourite book of all time?

Tough, I’ll choose a photobook that has been a big influence recently while completing my MFA  – ‘She Dances on Jackson’ by Vanessa Winship published by MACK books. 

Who are some of your favourite local artists/writers/publishers?

I’m gonna say all my artist friends and acquaintances – Sam Stephenson, Robyn Daly, Emma Phillips, Shannon Te Ao, Emerita Baik, Teresa Collins, Will Bennett, Anton Maurer, Miles Hendrix, Meg Porteous, Georgette Brown, to name a few. And my Sister Sallie Culy (we are making a book of her drawings next year). Fave publishers… Diane inc. and Perimeter editions, GLORIA, RimBooks, Vapor Momento to name a few!  

Favourite thing in the Strange Goods store?

Creamy Psychology by Yvonne Todd, and Bruce Connew’s ‘I saw you’.