Making the Molecules Dance

Making the Molecules Dance


Publisher: Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery

Artist: Len Castle

Len Castle's "Making the Molecules Dance" is a high quality publication of his artistry and extensive pottery career. This 248 page hardback edition on Len Castle and his work includes 224 full color photographs throughout.

Len Castle's potting career, which started in 1947, spans the emergence, flourishing and subsequent transformation of the craft movement of the twentieth century. His work epitomizes its vitality, its deeply indigenous origins and the sophistication of its craftsmanship and artistry. When he decided to become a professional potter in 1963 he soon forged the first steps to establish an international reputation. He has exhibited world-wide, including Australia, Taiwan, Japan, the Netherlands, Sweden, USA and England (at the Victoria and Albert Museum). He has been described as a 'national treasure'.

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