Publisher: Index

Artist: Mark Harvey

PLAYBOOK catalogues selected works from performance artist Mark Harvey's fourteen year practice (2002-2016); with over 30 works reproduced, critical essays by Victoria Wynne-Jones, Gradon Diprose and a foreword from Mark Amery. Risograph printed in 4 colours, over 96 pages, with 8 full-colour plates, and a face-printed cover. Conceived by the artist and designers to launch his book while also printing the cover, in an act summarised by a participant as: "to paint a man's face, then slap him with his own monograph".

Mark Harvey (Auckland, Aotearoa), is an artist focusing on performance art and has presented work extensively in Western Europe in the last 9 years, America, parts of Asia and Australia. He holds a PhD in performance art practice (AUT Art and Design School, Auckland) and is a Senior Lecturer at NICAI, The University of Auckland. His practices are conceptually driven and often dialogue and test out notions of minimal endurance with constructions of idiocy, seriousness and deadpan humour, drawing from his visual arts and contemporary dance influences.

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