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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

David Bell

The Dog Hunters


While Welshmen die fighting English invaders, their young Prince, Llewelyn is made to study Plato. But then a mighty Chinese war fleet arrives, offering to annihilate the old enemy.Their price? Llewelyn's oldest friend, Gelert, the legendary (if phenomenally flatulent) wolfhound.Boy and dog are kidnapped and dragged across stormy oceans and scorpion-infested deserts in a nightmare journey involving flying dogs, berserk baboons, and thousand-year-old sailors.Thoughts of escape dissolve when the young prince meets Feiyan, a bewitching, angry girl with a secret agenda of her own. But just as he takes up the cause of the Jiang freedom fighters against the remorseless forces of the Emperor, Llewelyn discovers the horrifying truth behind their plans for Gelert.