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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Candice Noyer

A Place At Our Table


In 2013, a new draft of the Auckland Unitary Plan threatened the existence of the houseboat community on Waiheke Island. The years following saw the residents submitting personal and group submissions to the council in attempt to save their community. These photographs were taken in 2016 both as a documentation of the residents, their lifestyle and homes, and as a meditation on the lack of integration in society for those wishing to live a more alternative lifestyle in the context of Aotearoa.

The community’s ethos of conscious living, simplicity, respect for the earth and sharing is echoed in the way the residents co-exist together. This project aims to illustrate how intentionally creating communities with a focus on collective food production, sharing and human connection is beneficial and how a push for acceptance of people living a self-sufficient and/or “alternative” lifestyle is necessary.

The purchase of the book includes a link and password access to the accompanying short film online.

Limited edition of 20 handbound, hardcover copies.