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Co-Revolutionary Praxis


Published by ST PAUL St Publishing, Co-Revolutionary Praxis: accompaniment as a strategy for working together is an outcome of the 2014 ST PAUL St Gallery Research Fellowship with Sakiko Sugawa.

Editors: Abby Cunnane, Charlotte Huddleston, Sakiko Sugawa and Mary N. Taylor

Contributors: Tosh Ahkit, Abby Cunnane, Lisa Gibson, member of Tamaki Housing Group, David Harvey, Charlotte Huddleston, Grant H. Kester, Ella Grace McPherson-Newton, Sakiko Sugawa and Mary N. Taylor

Sakiko Sugawa, a cultural worker and thinker, is usually based in Kyoto, where she co-founded and continues to work for Social Kitchen, 21st Century Social & Cultural Center. For the Fellowship Sugawa engaged with the concept of accompaniment as outlined by Staughton Lynd in his book Accompanying: Pathways to Social Change.

Sugawa’s project in Auckland involved accompanying a group of young activists involved with the Tamaki Housing Group. The exhibition This Home is Occupied, about state housing in Aotearoa New Zealand was one outcome of this relationship, the publication Co-Revolutionary Praxis: accompaniment as a strategy for working together is another. Both came about with support of members of the Tamaki Housing Group.