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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Brian D. Butler, Leonhard Emmerling

Roman Signer: Sculpting in Time


Roman Signer (born in 1938) is without doubt one of the most important and influential contemporary Swiss artists. Over many decades, in a great variety of ways, he has single-mindedly researched the aspect of time with regard to the meaning of sculpture. His spectacular explosions made him famous, and his reputation as an innovative and unique artist was secured, at the very latest, by his participation in Skulpturen. Projekte, Münster 1997, and the Venice Biennial in 1999 representing Switzerland. 

In this book, the authors Brian D. Butler and Leonhard Emmerling (both from Auckland, New Zealand) develop a new interpretation by concentrating on the video works and by attempting to shed light on the temporal aspect of the work of Roman Signer using literature and philosophy.