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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Nick Ascroft

Back with the Human Condition


Love. Work. Death. Complaints.

It’s the human condition. Whether you wrestle with it, bear it aloft, taste a little schmeck of it on your tongue or pass it along to some other unfortunate, you can’t hope to fathom where you came upon it or whether there’s a returns policy.

Some say poetry is pulled unknowingly out of us, like birdsong. These people are annoying, seeing mystery for mystery’s sake. Criticism is pulled unknowingly out of us like birdsong. Small talk is. Sleeptalk is. The first attempt at a phone message is. Poetry takes graft, craft and chisel-work. Especially limericks.

Praise for Back with the Human Condition

'From its brilliant, sorrowful subversions . . . to its irreverent, exuberant nonsense, the voice here is gorgeously idiosyncratic. A cavorting, satirical imagination hits levels of comedic joy that stand out from any crowd.' 
- Emma Neale

‘Such brio, such zip!’ 
—Steve Braunias