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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Nina Seja

Photoforum At 40


This is a book to commemorate, reflect, and celebrate a wide body of New Zealand photographs that have been published in the photography journal PhotoForum, and displayed in their exhibitions. It offers an unwritten history of the communities, relationships, and events that have shaped photographers and the images they make. This book brings together some significant images and portfolios (for example, those by Peter Peryer, Murray Cammick, Anne Noble, and Fiona Clark), and highlights the most pertinent and illuminating critical thinking and explosive debates about photographic practice in articles and reviews published in PhotoForum journal. Importantly, through the rich traces of never-seen-before contemporaneous personal correspondences between photographers and editors across the period, plus fresh interviews with key protagonists, PhotoForum at 40 contributes an original take on the more personal qualities of photography and the ways in which communities, friendships, debates, and dialogue have informed the photographic arts in New Zealand.