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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Darren Glass

A Field Guide To Camera Species


The definitive 114 page chronological guide to the 90 pinhole and slit cameras built by Darren Glass since 1990.

Includes a glossary and technical section on how to make your own pinhole camera.

“Darren Glass has a growing reputation as one of New Zealand’s most imaginative photographers. His first book, A Field Guide to Camera Species, is hot off the press and proves that he is also our most innovative camera maker. Never content with just the one-point perspective of the typical pinhole camera, despite the seemingly infinite depth of field, and inducement to explore the world from new angles, Glass experimented with a homemade stereo pinhole camera in 1990. The result, he writes, was an extreme wide-angle camera that had to be placed within two or three centimeters of its subject. (Pinhole photographs are known for the all-over equal un-sharpness with which all objects in the frame are rendered, but can look reasonably sharp to the human eye.) Since then, Glass has made a huge range of innovative cameras, with anything from one to 105 apertures, designed most often to do a specific task, and make economical use of unusual film sizes in black & white or colour. In one case he made a camera to carry a full 70-metre long paper negative. Presented as a chronological catalogue of 90 of the pin-hole cameras he has made since 1990, A Field Guide to Camera Species, shares Glass’s enthusiasm and delight in low-tech photography of the most sophisticated kind.” — Photoforum website.