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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Rebecca Kiddle, Bianca Elkington, Moana Jackson and others

Imagining Decolonisation


Decolonisation is a term that scares some, and gives hope to others. It is an uncomfortable and bewildering concept for many New Zealanders – yet needed if we are going to build a country that is fair and equal for all who live there.

This book sets out the case for decolonisation by illuminating – through anecdotal, real life examples – what decolonisation might look and feel like.

With contributions from Rebecca Kiddle, Bianca Elkington, Moana Jackson, Ocean Mercier, Mike Ross, Jennie Smeaton and Amanda Thomas.

BWB Texts are short books on big subjects by great New Zealand writers. Spanning contemporary issues, history and memoir, new BWB Texts are released regularly, and the series now amounts to well over fifty works.