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Thom Conroy

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A compendium of non-fiction pieces held together by the theme of ‘home’ and commissioned from twenty-two of New Zealand’s best writers. Strong, relevant, topical and pertinent, these essays are also compelling, provocative and affecting. What is home when it’s a doorway on a city street because you are homeless? What is home for urban Maori returning to their tribal lands? How do refugees make new homes while coping with the fact that their old homes are in ruins? In this marvellous collection, Selina Tusitala Marsh, Laurence Fearnley, Elizabeth Knox, Ian Wedde, Tina Makereti, Sarah Jane Barnett, Sue Wootton, Ingrid Horrocks, Brian Turner, Helen Lehndorf, Paula Morris, Anna Gailani, Nick Allen, Diane Comer, Gina Cole, Ashleigh Young, Lloyd Jones, Thom Conroy, Jillian Sullivan, Bonnie Etherington, James George and Martin Edmond show that the art of the essay is far from dead.

Edited by Thom Conroy and Published by Massey University Press in 2017