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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

James Hollings

A Moral Truth


New Zealand has a long and rich tradition of journalism that holds power to account. These stories, dating from 1863 to the present day, go beyond allegation and denial to reveal hidden truths. Some will be well known. Many will not. Some still shock and disturb. All show the craft, compassion, toil and persistence of the journalists and editors who unveiled them. The 33 groundbreaking pieces include:

Pat Booth on the Crewe murders • NZ Truth against the death penalty • Philip Kitchin on a police sex ring • Robin Hyde on Bastion Point • Matt Nippert on Facebook’s tax avoidance • Lesley Max on the death of two-year-old Delcelia Witika • Rebecca Macfie on Pike River • Mike White on the Lundy murders • Sandra Coney and Phillida Bunkle on National Women’s unfortunate experiment • Bruce Ansley on selling the high country to foreigners • Nicky Hager on dirty politics • Donna Chisholm on David Dougherty.

Winner of the 2018 PANZ Book Design Award for Best Typography.

"A Moral Truth is an outstanding collection: moving, enraging, illuminating, dispiriting, provocative. At times, it lays us out as if for an autopsy. In parts, it shames our past, and, by repetition, our present. This is not just a book for people who care about journalism, it is a book for people who care about us." — John Campbell