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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Xin Cheng

a seedbag for resourcefulness


'a seedbag for resourcefulness' grew out of over twelve years of walking around urban environments in the Asia-Pacific and Europe, noticing small modifications of shared spaces and the interplay between the many maker-user-carer-hackers. A multi-part publication where Xin talked with urban theorist and musician Christopher Dell about the Berlin Wall and being a designer who wants to change themselves; artist Lucie Schroeder about nurturing kefir and sharing stories; programmer substack about UNIX design and thrifty living; philosopher Heidi Salaverría about surfing, scales and dragons. In-between the cracks are poetic leaves from jari, Jozefina Frljić and Sarah Waring. The largest booklet, 'patterns of resourcefulness', is woven out of drawings, photos and stories of human(e) edges and myriads of piggybacking, to inspire caring and making of your own surroundings.