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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Rhys Feeney, Ria Masae and Claudia Jardine

AUP New Poets 7


From Apia to Parnell, ancient Rome to Aro Park and on to the furthest reaches of the internet, AUP New Poets 7 takes readers on an eye-popping journey through contemporary New Zealand poetry.

The collection opens with Rhys Feeney’s passionate take on contemporary global politics and ecological collapse. Next, Ria Masae leads us from a fale in Samoa to the pulsing streets of Auckland city in a voice rooted in the spoken word. And finally Claudia Jardine brings the startling images and unlikely facts from the classical world to echo around inner-city Wellington.

We see scars and tattoos, bipedal goat-men and deep-fried bananas, fat-soluble poisons and indestructible pumpkins as each poet’s distinctive vocabulary and sense of rhythm combines in one powerful volume..