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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Societe Publishing



100% plastic-free and 100% published in Aotearoa, this publication is an eclectic collection of encounters, stories and people from around the world who have taken the time to put into words, images, or “things” a thought - a viewpoint - a way to be.

Designed to be a place of refuge from your busy schedules to delve into a world of creativity and considered thought. This is a book for those that appreciate conscious luxury and a broad view of the world.

The consider journal has been crafted by thoughtful and talented writers, photographers, poets, activists and zen masters from New Zealand, Australia and Europe. Each contributor has been honing their craft for years, like our sculptor friend, Alexandros Zygouris, who has been returning to the same Greek island for 40 years, gifting beautiful works which will remain for years more in the process. Their works and their suggestions are not an exhaustive list (far from it), nor is it a series of answers, more like a series of questions which we encourage you to consider as you meander through these pages. We encourage readers to allow the stories, concepts, and propositions to wash over them as they turn the pages – taking time to notice the ideas they evoke.

Being conscious of relishing traditions, we’ve used a rare Japanese hand binding technique. With a desire to reduce our impact in printing this journal, the cover is printed using a water-based soft touch aqueous. By avoiding any use of plastics in the making of this publication it is fully recyclable - but the best books last generations so pass me on to another once read.