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Counterfutures 10


In this issue Mohan Dutta and Sue Bradford discuss their work co-constructing voice infrastructures at the margins and interrogate the tensions that emerge in relationships between communities, activists, and academics. Emalani Case offers a treatment of militarism in the Pacific, tracing its interconnections with the structures of settler colonialism and white supremacy. Mark Derby reflects on the life and work of the late historian Dick Scott, author of the ground-breaking Ask that Mountain: The Story of Parihaka. Roland Boer, author of the five-volume epic, On Marxism and Theology, discusses the myriad connections between Marxism and Christianity. Murray Edmond leads a dérive through Auckland’s inner-city monuments. Tim Bryar considers the prospects of a Left secretariat in the Pacific. Murdoch Stephens and Richard Keys interrogate the politics of the returnee. Plus book reviews and more