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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Tracey Slaughter

Devil's Trumpet


When the stars were rhinestones. When your car was a blue Holden god. When kisses spread to your back teeth, marathons of sucking. When we pashed through jokes, through tunes, through homework, through the leftovers we shovelled out our schoolbags. When you let me tattoo you with talk. 

Thirty-one exhilarating new stories from the acclaimed author of deleted scenes for lovers.

'A splendid collection, challenging and rewarding, with stories both memorable and revealing.' —Owen Marshall, NZ Listener

'This alive, pulsating collection is a masterwork of Antipodean goth.' —Loose Reads, 95bFM

'In this book it’s almost exclusively women doing the wanting. And even when it’s love it’s always pinned down by lust. And it is wonderfully written. . . . Slaughter does it differently – vivid and intricate, visceral but also highly intelligent, changing all the time.' —Catherine Woulfe, The Spinoff

‘If Slaughter is writing from the black block in her chest, she is also speaking directly into yours.’ —Charlotte Graham-McLay, New Zealand Books

‘The language sparked like a cut power line. I was shocked awake every time I picked this book up.’ —Grant Smithies, Sunday Star-Times