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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Hannah Beehre

Drawing in Flow: A Handbook


Drawing in Flow: A Handbook, documents artist Hannah Beehre’s research into the phenomenon of flow.

Part science, part pedagogy, part art history, what culminates is an entirely unique handbook that seeks to create a guide – through mark making – to unlocking some of the most fundamental roadblocks to creative expression. 

Beehre writes of her research:

"We sense there is a better way to draw where we are uninhibited, but we don’t know how to let ourselves explore it. There is risk involved with the unfamiliar, the chance we will look silly. In this handbook I have tried to give you some kind of a map of the terrain. Perhaps seeing this will take care of some of your fears. I’ve left the access roads clearly marked."

Enriched with images of Beehre’s own captivating drawings, designed by Alice Bonifant, and beautifully printed by Spectrum Print.