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Gavin Hipkins

Gavin Hipkins: The Homely II


The Homely II is a frieze of eighty photos that Gavin Hipkins took between 2001 and 2017 on excursions through New Zealand and the United Kingdom, the former colony and the colonial homeland. It is a sequel to his work The Homely, a frieze of eighty photos he took between 1997 and 2000 on travels in New Zealand and Australia, neighbouringantipodean colonies, shot in the same manner, arranged in the same frieze formats— Hipkins’s best-known and most celebrated work. The Homely and The Homely II are skewed, fractured travelogues. Instead of offering reassuring signs of either belonging and identification or exotic otherness, they trace a more fraught, fragile, restless cultural condition. This book, published by City Gallery and Bouncy Castle, reproduces all eighty images in The Homely II and features essays by Robert Leonard and Felicity Barnes, shorter texts by Andrew Clifford, Blair French, Terrence Handscomb, Emil McAvoy, Emma Ng, Lara Strongman, and Megan Tāmati-Quennell, and an interview with Hipkins by Robert Leonard and Aaron Lister.