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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

The Physics Room

HARDSELL!! Because you want it


This neatly packaged catalogue and postcard set documents the 2002-03 Physics Room series of 8 emerging artists in HARDSELL - because you want it!

From February 2002 to February 2003, HARDSELL!! provided the context for the Physics Room to present some of the best new work by artists currently making a break on the national scene. The series gave these artists the scope to work on a concerted solo project with enough lead-in time to develop major new works. Many took the chance to experiment and move their practice in new directions.  

Artists include: Juan Rubén Reyes
Dougals Rex Kelaher
Mark Harvey
Susan Ballard
Hannah & Aaron Beehre
Georgiana Morrison
Katharina Jaeger
Kathleen Peacock

The catalogue includes an in-depth critical essay from previous General Manager of the Physics Room Emma Bugden, plus a set of colour postcards featuring documentation from each of the featured artists, all presented together in a bright pink box for posterity and your coffee table!