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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Jonathan Alexander Kennedy

I am not sure whether you received my letter


I am not sure whether you received my letter, a publication composed of a historical archive, supporting essays (courtesy of Emil McAvoy and Eloise Callister-Baker), and exhibition documentation relating to J.A. Kennedy’s exhibition, Structure Signalling (Logical Structure or Relating to Something That Happened), 2021, where the artist explores the ecology of place and potentials of engagement with Helen Escobedo’s sculpture, Signals, 1971.

I am not sure whether you received my letter, as a pukapuka pitopito kōrero, is an account of a historical moment, the presentation of a collective archive, a subjective record, as well as an object in its own right ready to be engaged with. The intention is to facilitate space for further notation by an audience who continue to be active agents when in the vicinity of the functional sculpture in question. As an object, this pukapuka can be described as a document of intervention with an archive, one that develops a relationship with the internalities and externalities of a collective memory. This is a space open for continued subjectivity, for further notation on presence by those who, like myself, were also absent during the sculpture’s formal construction.