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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Evangeline Riddiford Graham

La Belle Dame Avec Les Mains Vertes


A poem by Evangeline Riddiford Graham

Published July 2019

Edition of 120

ISBN 978–0–9951251–0–0

The future’s a disaster. Everyone knows it’s time to get proofing. But you, you’re out of energy to bolt down the bookshelf. You can’t afford a carbon-neutral kitchen. Balance the math & trash the books: you won’t ever have a house. You little worm. Do you really think you deserve your own bedroom? Fear not! If you can’t afford to be part of the problem, you can still buy into the compromise. La Belle Dame avec les Mains Vertes offers a solution for your every civic grievance. Set down in writing, made in New Zealand, one last blast of arts & crafts. La Belle Dame sees your plaint, & raises it. Would you like to register a charge, or a lamentation?