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Marlene Tissot

Last stop before insomnia


Last Stop Before Insomnia / Dernier Arrêt Avant l’Insomnie,

​by Marlène Tissot, translated by Anna Jackson and Geneviève Chevallier

Seraph Press Translation Series No. 3

This taster of deliciously playful poetry by French poet Marlène Tissot takes you on a wild ride through the existential, the sensual and the sleep-deprived.

In her introduction to this small collection translator Anna Jackson says:

Some people write poetry more easily than they sleep. Marlène Tissot writes poetry even when she is writing prose, and observes the world with a poet’s focus on details, details that give rise to surprising associations and ideas … Marlène Tissot writes about chance encounters with people in the street, or people observed from a distance; about sleeplessness (a recurring theme); about feelings of emptiness, dispossession, anxiety, dread; about make-up, public transport, construction sites, film festivals, plastic bags; moving with astonishing speed and sleight of hand from one topic to another, often driven by associations between words, or through the combination of one saying with another, combining clichés or turns of phrase to come up with startling new combinations of images and ideas. The voice of her poetry is at once contemporary and original, personal (and personable) and somewhat strange (or estranged). I find her work tremendously exciting and I am looking forward to finding readers for it in New Zealand.