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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Manon van Kouswijk

Making Faces


From a beaded object that looks like a face to an abstract ornament that frames the face:

Am I wearing you or are you wearing me?

MAKING FACES - A Jewellery Playbook is a new project by Manon van Kouswijk that consists of 65 necklaces and an artist publication in which their multiple appearances are revealed. It is also designed as a manual, both a how-to guide and an invitation to the audience to create their own faces and other forms with the necklaces.

A playbook is a document that serves as a scenario or script for a theatre play, a ballgame or a business transaction. 'The Jewellery Playbook' presents the necklaces as performers on the stage or the playing field of the publication. The playbook activates the necklaces as objects that are more than simply wearable ornaments. In his essay for this publication Benjamin Lignel describes them as "pretend-industrial":

"Being-in-plastic, symmetrical, and lifeless is something these thrifty creepers do “on the way of becoming” something else: a face, perhaps a pictogram (simple parts capable of many guises: they speak the language of toy.)"