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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Migrant Zine Collective

Recipes For Resistance


Inspired by the work of Black, Indigenous, and people of color who were turning to one another to engage in forms of mutual aid and collective care during Covid-19, Recipes for Resistance is a collection of recipes, essays and artworks sent to Migrant Zine Collective last year at the height of the pandemic to capture the nuanced relationships migrants of colour have with food, and how they can act as forms of resistance. This includes works which capture the nostalgia, memories and forgotten histories of home recipes; the (in)visibility of feminist voices in the kitchen; and the reclamation of cultural foods as non-western forms of healing. Contributors in Aotearoa include our friends - Min-Young Her, Nina Mingya Powles, Shivani Narsai, Mia Maramara and Gwen Lin. We hope this publication inspires you to create all kinds of delicious food from the recipes, and more importantly, to reimagine forms of joy, liberation and pleasure in your relationship with food!

Edited by Helen Yeung and designed by Catalina Nuñez-Elevancini.

Published with the joint effort of Migrant Zine Collective, Strange Goods and Auckland Zinefest.