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Replika Issue II: Ellipse


Our second issue is focused on the concept of ELLIPSE. It is the result that occurs when a cone is cut by an oblique plane which does not intersect the base; it is a life cycle or imperfect loop; circularity, rotundity, cycle, ring, areola, eye, loop, wheel, orb, cincture, noose. We turned once more to our friend Roget - of outdated thesaurus fame - in defining what can or could be an ELLIPSE.

As in a game of telephone, ELLIPSE is about passing information through a fragmented loop resulting in the loss of structure, grammar and sense altogether. Human relationships, in particular familial and marital, are explored through folding and rusting forms, the longing for connection with nature and urban spaces and the search for an art practice equivalent to a close friend’s embrace. The notion of a cyclical history of a precious material becoming commonplace. The female form retraced until almost all trace is lost. Mechanical attempts to counterfeit imagination.