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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Anne Kennedy

The Sea Walks Into A Wall


In The Sea Walks into a Wall, the natural world around us hits back.

The sea crashes its glass onto the bar.

You watch from afar.

You’d take it all back if you could. Everything.

You’d go down there and you’d.

 And talks back too.

If I’m fucked,

you’re coming with me.


the stream.

From rainy Ihumātao to London’s Kew Gardens, in the face of seas and streams, ducks and dogs, black drops and bureaucracies, humans bumble through.

Without distractions you’d rush through your life like chi through an empty room.

You bump into a baby and that takes up eighteen years.

Love fills the room like a maze.

Intelligent, playful, witty and innovative, these poems bite where it hurts.