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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Louise Stevenson

Someplace Else


“I had just wanted to go - perhaps like many other New Zealanders. And anywhere, I wasn’t too fussed. A pull to go “overseas”. Life happened elsewhere. Not here: over there.”

In this crafted first edition, Louise Stevenson brings together drawings and recollections of travel between Hungary and New Zealand from 1991 - 2019. Travel ephemera such as airplane tickets, bus passes and museum entries are the starting point for a body of drawings accumulating over that time. The intimate works on paper employ collage, stitching, mark-making and pin-pricking. Recounting her experiences of travelling between the two countries, Stevenson considers the tensions of a trans-national relationship split between two places - between home and overseas, between foreigner and resident, between tourist and citizen. The book pertinently recalls pre-2020 international travel. “I wonder if in the everyday minutiae of this travel ephemera there are prescient indicators of the future.”