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Irenie How

To be human is


to be human is to be read in many ways and on many occasions but always in time and space

to be human is massproduced but custommade

to be human is built of everyday materials made from ordinary things assembled with design

to be human is aphoristic

to be human is to recognise that the challenge facing the book in our shifting towards transhuman and posthuman hermeneutics as emerging technologies and critical theories exponentially gain traction and reshape people and world is a signal that the human itself not just one human product may one day seem strange and outofplace

to be human is for everyone even if you cant read or write because its a direct sense experience of shape symbols colour texture and form grounded squarely in your own hands and eyes and you as yourself in real time and space as noone else not pretending but exploring the page and the spine and the lines of text unmediated by a screen but it is especially for girls at chur youth group so they as they grow can dream big define themselves and reach for dignity beyond how successfully they tiktok dress for the times and other boys and girls reach for queenliness beyond how many likes they inspire feeding the profit margins of big business online and often never really finding there are any deep and lasting friendships or selfawareness