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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Robert Sullivan

Tūnui | Comet


A marvellous hīkoi through Aotearoa today alongside a leading Māori poet.

my old friend
I wonder how far north
you travel?
                    The road goes west
starting two doors up from The Dog’s Bollix
ending at sunset.
                    So many sunsets
Facebook and Instagram couldn’t contain them.

Tūnui | Comet is the first collection in more than a decade by one of our most important living Māori poets. Rolling easily between kōrero Māori and the canonical traditions of English-language poetry, through karakia and pōwhiri, treaty training and decolonisation wiki entries, Robert Sullivan takes readers on a marvellous poetic hīkoi.

Guided by Māui and Tāwhirimātea, Moana Jackson and Freddie Mercury, we walk from K’Rd council flats to Kaka Point, finding ourselves and our ancestors along the way.

We stand tall before we play the clock out 
past the reef toward Matariki. Clouds raise 
their fists as seagulls and sparrows swoon 
into the rainbow. It has been a long homecoming 
and he has made the pieces one.