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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Jason Kahn

Voice and Sky


Published by Kahn’s own imprint, Edition, Voice and Sky is a dazzling, shiny new collection of recordings of Kahn in varying locations expressing himself through the medium of the lungs. As an intriguing bonus, this cd is packaged together with a generous volume of texts. These texts are not just about locations that are familiar or local to Kahn – he has written about places like that before, for example in his book In Place published by Errant Bodies Press in 2015 – they are actually about a specific intensive period of time spent working in the mountains east of Zurich.

As you might expect if you are familiar with his work, Kahn operates more as an artist than a musician, saying of these documents, “…but one of the points of this whole journey was less about my actual presence in these individual places than my awareness of them…” and, “They have no meaning other than serving as a reflection of my place in a certain space at a certain point in time.” These quotes are taken from the self-penned introduction to the book. As well as putting the work into a context, this introduction also allows Kahn to reference some specific concerns in his work, in particular “…erosion of awareness…” In addition, there are ten colour photographic plates illustrating the artist’s rambles in the mountains, and one of his art installations in a mountain schopfe, or small barn, which go some way to put the work in context.

-Paul Khimasia Morgan, The Sound Projector, 2019