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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Helen Schamroth

Vonney Ball Ceramics


Ceramic artist Vonney Ball’s elegant output reflects a sound education in English ceramics design, a singularity of purpose and a drive to keep making work. Twenty years on from her arrival in New Zealand, her work connects cultural experiences from opposite ends of the earth. Vonney Ball: Ceramics surveys her work and examines her influences, from Bloomsbury to Maori art and design.

Orexart in Arch Hill, Auckland, will be presenting a survey exhibition that captures the essence of Vonney Ball’s practice as a ceramic slip-caster and designer-maker. It will include pieces from her time at Middlesex Polytechnic, London, in the 1980s, where she adapted industrial methods to produce one-off or small batch works, resulting in innovative pieces that may best be described as ‘classically inspired shapes with a contemporary twist’. Alongside the survey exhibition, Orexart will present for sale a suite of elegant, new hand-painted ceramic works produced in her Birkenhead studio. The exhibition will run from 8–24 March 2018.