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281 Karangahape Rd Auckland

Fraser Austin & Ted Whittaker

Waves (Fraser Austin & Ted Whittaker)


“This internet-of-all-the-things attitude we have to our world, using mass data… what does your near future cyber surfer look like?”

Waves is a virtual tour in search of surfing waves within 3D gaming environments. The book works with the long-running trope in surf culture of the search for the perfect wave that is shared with 3D animators to render ocean waves with realism. The photos in the book are captured with reflections, scratches, moire, and other physical artifacts of the screen which embrace a murky transition from pixel to paper.

170 grams
64 pages
20 x 25 x 0.7 cm

Published in 2020
Perfect bound, Full colour printing 
Limited First Edition of 50 copies