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Whose Futures?


Many have become accustomed to speaking of what comes next in terms of a singular ‘future’. Such accounts tend to operate within the narrow confines of colonial capitalism and assume continued economic growth. But there is no ‘one’ future; there are many. As the contributions to this book attest, irreconcilable and interrelated futures are already playing out in the present.

This collection brings together voices and perspectives from Aotearoa New Zealand to interrogate whose lives are at stake, whose voices and visions count, and what elements are at play in the unfolding of certain futures over others. Authors highlight the need to be attentive to how various social technologies and institutions invite certain ways of being, thinking and acting and exclude others. In doing so, they offer a series of reflections on futures ‘from below’, in order to amplify voices and fight for alternatives.


Hana Burgess

Luke Goode

Kassie Hartendorp

Aitor Jiménez González

John Morgan

Anna-Maria Murtola

Te Kahuratai Painting    

Anisha Sankar

Sy Taffel

Arcia Tecun

Samuel Te Kani

Shannon Walsh 

Toyah Webb